How to Define the Area of Interest


Maprosoft has a unique feature whereby the area of interest is highlighted on the map. This is achieved by overlaying 'shadow' polygons over the areas that are not within the area of interest.

'Shadow' polygons are automatically generated based on the geometry of the area of interest boundary. The area of interest boundary is set by uploading a shape file with metadata indicating it is the area of interest boundary. For further details, refer to the <featureType> section of the Shape File Metadata page.

Area of Interest Example Data

Click on the following link to download shape files defining an example area of interest:

Example shape files defining an area of interest.

Please refer to the Example Data for Maprosoft page for further information about our example data.

Area of Interest Visual Example

The screen shot below shows the highlighting of Perth City Council (Perth, Australia). As can be seen, the Perth City Council boundary consists of multiple disjoint areas since it contains several islands.

Boundary Shadows