Partitioning Data

Sidebar Data Groupings

Maprosoft provides features allowing different sets of geometries to be overlaid on maps as separate layers. Partitioning data into different sets provides several benefits such as:

  • More flexibility w.r.t. map creation.
  • Provides users with a finer granularity/control over the data they download.
  • From the previous point, provides map functionality since superfluous data is not downloaded.

By way of example, consider data relating to parks. The most obvious approach would be to define all parks in one data set, however, there are often a lot of parks and it may be advantagous to split parks into different categories such as:

  • Parks with sports facilities
  • Parks with playgrounds
  • Parks with BBQs and picnic facilities
  • Other parks

This categorisation is more likely to provide users of the website with the information they require because they are likely to be search for a park with specific requirements. Note that it is likely that some parks will meet more than one of these criteria and that there is note prohibiting a park being in more than one category.