Maprosoft Live Demonstration Sites

Marrickville Council

Marrickville Council has over 50 different types of data in Maprosoft:


Example Maps within and Example Website

The Maprosoft demo site provides an interactive demonstration of various features from the Maprosoft. Rather than merely demonstrating the mapping features, we have built a mock website containing various maps and other generated pages that are managed and served by Maprosoft products.


Example Mobile Application Experience

Maprosoft in Mobile Devices

Maprosoft is an extension to Maprosoft providing a mobile application without requiring any extra work by administrators.

No mobile device? That's OK because you can use ours here. Use Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Android Demo App

Android Demo App
We've created an Android™ application incorporating the Maprosoft - the web application exposing Maprosoft generated content to mobile devices.

Click on the image to download. Please let us know if you have any issues or suggestions.


Embedding in Mobile Apps

The solution can be easily incorporated into your Council's Android™ application. Please see our Embed Maprosoft in Native iOS and Android Apps to see how.


Inner Sydney App
Inner Sydney App

The Inner Sydney iOS App demonstrates how the Maprosoft web application can be embedded in any iOS (iPhone or iPad) application.