Do you have a solution for mobile devices?
Yes - Maprosoft is designed for mobile devices. Please visit the Maprosoft and Embed Maprosoft in Native iOS and Android Apps pages.
Can I control the visibility of the Maprosoft toolbar?
Yes - this is one of the administration options when you build Maprosoft maps. If you select the option to hide the toolbar, then the data is automatically downloaded because the controls on the toolbar to manually download the data will not be able to be selected.
Can I control where the controls on the Maprosoft toolbar appear?
Yes. In Maprosoft, each type of data will appear within its associated display group. You can define any number of display groups and specify the order in which they will appear in the Maprosoft toolbar.
What types of data can be put on Maprosoft maps?
Maprosoft allows the following forms of spatial data to be overlaid on maps:
  • Points
  • Polygons
  • Polylines
  • Multi-layer ground overlay images
Additional data can be associated with each spatial feature which is revealed in a popup window when the feature is clicked on.
What types of information can appear in feature popup windows?
Just about anything. Maprosoft provides the ability to provided metadata identifying various types of information such as:
  • Addresses
  • Contact details
  • Hours of operation
  • HTML
Does Maprosoft provide directions functionality?
With your permission, Maprosoft will determine your current location and provide directions to any feature. Simply click on a feature and then the icon corresponding to the type of directions desired - driving, walking or cycling. Please see our directions page.
Can I zoom into street level?
Yes - just click on a feature in the map and then press the street view icon (if the administrator has enabled street view for the relevant feature type).
How do I create 3D tours in Maprosoft?
You don't have to do anything. 3D tours are automatically created for each spatial feature added to Maprosoft maps. 3D tours are enabled and disabled on a 'feature type' basis. This is done using the 'Feature Types' control panel in the administration area.


Do I need to install any applications to administer Maprosoft?
No. All the Maprosoft administration is contained within the same web application as the public facing functionality.
Is the Maprosoft administration application easy to learn how to use?
Yes. The Maprosoft administration application comprises a series of intuitive control panels. There are no configuration files that need to be edited.
Does Maprosoft capture information about how users are interacting with the maps?
Yes. You can configure Maprosoft to report events to your Google Analytics account. This will allow you to perform detailed analysis of user interactions. For example, you will be able to see the types of features that are being requested the most and which features people are clicking on to open their popup windows.
How do I specify the appearance of feature overlays (points, lines and polygons)?
The feature type is the primary place where the appearance of feature overlays is controlled. The feature type details can be controlled using the administration interface. The supported customisations are as follows:
  • Icons for points
  • Edge width, color and opacity for polylines and polygons
  • Fill color and opacity for polygons
The appearance of feature overlays can also be specified on a feature by feature basis specifying an overlay display microformat.

Hosting and Installation

Does Maprosoft add any branding to the maps?
Maprosoft provide features to add your own branding on Maprosoft maps.
How do I embed Maprosoft maps on my website?
The Maprosoft administration application allows maps to be built by selecting the features and options to show. The map can be previewed to ensure it is as expected. When ready, you simply copy and paste some generate HTML code into the appropriate location on your website.
Do you offer a hosting solution?
Yes. You can sign up here.


What web browsers does Maprosoft work with?
Maprosoft provides a consistent cross browser experience. A small section of the Maprosoft administration prevents the ability to select colors for polyline and polygon feature types when using Internet Explorer because it does not support the canvas feature.

More Questions?

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