Maprosoft Highlights

Informative, interactive maps.

Create engaging maps for your community. Include detailed information that can be viewed with a single click of a mouse or tap on your screen.

Embed in your mobile app.

Easily embed our mobile app into yours.

Intuitive - easy to use.

Anyone can use our simple, yet powerful maps.

Embed your maps in your website.

All too often, mapping solutions are not designed to work within existing websites. Our maps feel like they were built for your website. They can spring out to full size and pop back into to your site's template.

Add features with dynamic information.

Not only is the map interactive, the data within it can be automatically updated to reflect live data. Connect your maps to systems providing dynamic information such as car park occupancy or sporting field open/closed status.

Get directions to any of your assets.

Get directions without needing to enter addresses. Just click on the feature and then the type of directions you require - driving, walking or cycling.

A useful toolbar to control what you see.

Add a toolbar to your maps containing a number of different types of information to allow users to turn on and off map layers dynamically.

Allow your community to report issues.

A map is a great way for the community to report issues. Select the location on the map and fill out a few details. The issue ends up as either an email or a record in your issue management system database - your choice.

Easily add features with different types of geometries.

Small, long or big - use the appropriate geometry - points, lines or polygons. Stylise each feature type to reflect the information they represent.

Show off your vision.

Overlay images to display planned developments.

View your assets from the street.

Launch directly into a view of your assets from the street. Pan and zoom to adjust your view.

Tour your assets in 3D.

Spin around your point features, pan around zones and follow linear features like a drone in the air.

Present without a map.

Sometimes it's useful to present information in list form. Handy links within the page will take you to a map zooming into the feature clicked on.

Manage using simple control panels.

Web based administration comprising intuitive control panels.

Detailed control of the presentation of your assets.

Select colours and icons. Pick the controls to be added to the toolbar - directions, street view, etc.