Ideal for Local Government

This paper discusses why Maprosoft is ideally suited to Local Government Authorities (LGAs).

Maprosoft - perfect for local government

Utilize Existing Data

Local Government Authorities manage vast amounts of spatial data - see Types of Council Maps for some examples. To allow this data to be easily surfaced on their websites, LGAs need a system that can publish their data with as little manual effort as possible. This includes ensuring changes to the data are automatically reflected on the website in a timely manner.

Maprosoft] accepts data in a number of formats and will automatically refresh the data at any rate desired.

Standardized Formats

LGA spatial data is not typically designed to be directly viewed by the public. It is usually formatted in a very plain, but sometimes cryptic manner.

Maprosoft utilizes Microformats to transform LGA data into forms that are suitable for the web and can be easily understood by the general public.

Embedded, Specialized Maps

LGAs have a range of disparate responsibilities which are typically represented by their websites. In keeping with our best practice guidelines, LGA websites should contain multiple specialized maps embedded throughout rather than just a single map page showing all spatial data.

Maprosoft provides an administration control panel allowing custom maps to be built by selecting the types of data and map tools to display.

Tabular Presentation of Data

Just because data has a spatial aspect to it does not necessarily mean that a maps is the best way to display it. For example, presenting the data in a tabular form allows the attributes of multiple features to be easily compared.

Maprosoft can provide outputs in grid and tabular formats.

Mobile Friendly

LGA websites need to be mobile friendly. This, of course, also extends to the mapping solution.

Maprosoft provides a web based mobile application experience.

Issue Reporting

LGAs are responsible for managing various types of issues such as property damage, graffiti, illegal rubbish dumping, etc. The LGA website is the ideal solution to allow the public to submit issues.

Maprosoft provides solutions specifically designed to allow the public to report issues.