MapInfo TAB File Data

MapInfo TAB Files

Maprosoft allows data to be provided in the form of MapInfo TAB files. The process involves:

  1. Export data from MapInfo into a directory that Maprosoft can read from.
  2. Within Maprosoft, simply create a data file feed and identify the directory that the MapInfo data is in.
  3. For the data file feed, specify whether to read the data periodically, and if so, how often.
  4. Execute the data file feed.
  5. Following the first import, review the feature types created and modify them as necessary. For example, their names will be based on the name of the files, so they may need to be given better names. Also, you can customize their colors, icons and other options.

As can be seen, this simple process allows Maprosoft to utilize your MapInfo data. Choosing to execute the feed on a periodic basis allows the data in Maprosoft to be kept up to date and reduces maintenance for your organization.


  1. Maprosoft does not contain data editing features - you should continue to maintain the data in MapInfo and use this export/import process to make the data available to Maprosoft.
  2. Maprosoft keeps track of the data being imported based on the names of the MapInfo files. Therefore, it is important the names of the MapInfo files are not changes inadvertently.
    1. To update data, copy over previous MapInfo file and it will be into Maprosoft the next time the feed executes.
    2. To add data when there is a data file feed identify a directory, add the new MapInfo files to the directory. The new data will be imported into Maprosoft the next time the feed executes. Following this, use the Maprosoft administration control panels to adjust how the data appears. For example, you may want to rename the type of data (it will initially be named the same as the MapInfo data file name).
    3. To add data when there is no data file feed identifying a directory, add the new MapInfo files anywhere accessible by Maprosoft and then create new data file feeds identifying the MapInfo data files.
    4. To delete data, delete the MapInfo files and delete or unpublish the feature types using the Maprosoft administration control panels.