Metadata and Microformat Examples

Metadata and Microformats Using a Template Feature

This example shows a metadata file where the feature data is extracted from the shape files by referencing DBF fields. Take a look at the <feature> tag and notice the attribute key="TEMPLATE". This tells Maprosoft that this is the generic layout for all features in the shape file. Within the template, you will notice text in the form {@Field field-name}. For each record in the shape file, Maprosoft substitues this text with the value from the DBF field named field-name.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <feature key="TEMPLATE">
        <text>{@Field SchoolName}</text>
            Level: {@Field SchoolLevel}
            School Type: {@Field SchoolType}
            Number of Students: {@Field NumberOfStudents}
          General Enquiries
          {@Field SchoolPhone}
          {@Field SchoolFax}
          {@Field StreetAddress}
          {@Field Suburb}
          {@Field State}
          {@Field Postcode}
          {@Field Country}

Microformats for a Single Park

This example shows the meta data for a specific park. Note that only the content of one <feature> is shown.

  Cook &amp; Phillip Park
    Cook &amp; Phillip Park
    Small enclosed
    Two basketball courts
    Off-leash area, aquatic centre, water features