Search Capabilities

Text Search

Maprosoft Text Search

Maprosoft strives to make information easy to find and comprehend. To facilitate this, Maprosoft provides a fast and powerful search capability.

Simply enter a word or phrase into the text search box and Maprosoft will return a list of features that either have a name matching the search text or contain a Microformat containing text matching the search text.

In the example at the right, seven features matched the text Glebe, however, Glebe only appears in the title of the first four results. This illustrates how the search results are ordered in an intelligent manner where matches against the name score higher than matches against Microformat content.

Address Search

Maprosoft Address Search

In addition to generic text searching, Maprosoft also offers an address search capability. Enter an address into the address search box and Maprosoft will translate the address into a location and, if successful, will find features that coincide with the location.

In the example at the left, four features were found at the address 67 Ross St, Glebe NSW. The red pin identifies the location of the computed address.