Shape File Data

Maprosoft Shape File Data

Maprosoft allows data to be uploaded in the form of ESRI shape files. Maprosoft supports the provision of metadata in the form of an auxiliary shape file with the file extension '.meta.xml'. This is an XML file containing information such as:

  • Feature type information
  • Presentation settings
  • Data enabling DBF file interpretation

If the metadata file is omitted, Maprosoft will make a best guess at interpreting the data in the shape file. For more information about the Maprosoft shape file metadata format, refer to the Shape File Metadata page.

Note: Maprosoft requires shape files to be in geographic coordinates using the WGS 1984 datum.

Microformats in Shape File Data

There are two ways to provide microformatted data in shape files. For more information about Maprosoft microformats, refer to the microformats page.

Microformats in Shape File Metadata

Maprosoft microformats can be included in the shape file metadata - see the Shape File Metadata page for more information.

Microformats in Attributes

Maprosoft will find microformatted data in the attributes of shape files. Each attribute has a name and a value. If the name matches the name of a microformat and the attribute type is 'Text', Maprosoft will attempt to decode the attribute value as the corresponding type of microformat.

The following screen shot is that of an ArcMap attribute table showing an attribute named 'image' and with contents conforming to the <image> microformat.

Non Microformatted Data in Shape Files

The data in shape file attributes that are not formmatted according to one of Maprosoft's microformats will be added into a table of label/value pairs. This table is presented in popup windows with the data in any microformats.

Providing Shape File Data

Shape file data can be provided to Maprosoft in two ways via the Maprosoft administration web application.


For data that changes infrequently such as the boundary of a council, the Upload Data control panel can be used to upload a zip file containing the ESRI shape files (and optionally the Maprosoft shape file metadata file).

Shape File Feed

For data that is expected to change more frequently, Maprosoft provides the ability to periodically import the data. This is set up using the Data File Feeds control panel.