Benefits of Maprosoft

Benefits of Maps

Maps provide an efficient means of disseminating information. Maps are easily understood because they present information graphically in a way that is familiar to most people. Maps fit well into websites because people generally prefer to scan websites rather than reading large amounts of text.

Ways in which Maps Can Benefit a Local Government Website

Residents may visit a council website for various reasons - often they are searching for information. Many types of council information are spatial in nature, and each type of information has unique characteristics. Some example types of information are identified on our Types of Council Maps page. By presenting this information in maps, residents are often able to find the information they are looking for more easily.

Scenario - Planning a BBQ in a Park

Suppose a resident is planning a BBQ in a park. They may have some constraints about the location of the park - e.g. maximum distance from their home. A map showing parks will allow the resident to quickly find candidate parks in the region of interest. Clicking on the park to reveal the facilities (such as BBQ availability) allows the resident to determine the best choice for their BBQ.

Scenario - Explaining Details About a Council Development

Suppose a council has a major development underway. A page on the council website is an obvious choice for explaining details about the development. As part of this, the page could contain a map with one or more image overlays showing the end result of the development.

Scenario - Illustrating Council Collection Zones

Councils invariably organise garbage, recycling and other duties into zones, each with their own timetables. These zones are best illustrated to residents in the form of maps. Clicking on a particular zone in the map could reveal the associated collection timetable.

Benefits in Terms of Local Government Strategic Objectives

Maprosoft provides a number of features that result in various benefits. These benefits can be mapped to local government strategic objectives. The following diagram illustrates these relationships:

This summary of features and benefits indicates Maprosoft is a cost effective solution which addresses many of the strategic objectives of local government.