Trello Power-Up

Maprosoft in Trello

What's Trello?

Trello is an awesome task management application. A Trello board contains lists in which you can add cards. Lists typically relate to different activities or states whilst cards typically relate to tasks, ideas or other subjects. Cards can be dragged from one list to another to keep the board up to date.

Trello can be extended by Power-Ups. A Power-Up provides Trello with extra functionality, typically from other SaaS products.

How does Maprosoft fit in?

The Maprosoft Trello Power-Up allows maps to be easily embedded in Trello cards. When you have a Trello card open, you will see an 'Add map' button in the 'Power-Ups' section. Clicking on the button will pop open a window allowing you to select any of the shared maps you've defined in Maprosoft. Maprosoft will render the shared map within the Trello card.

Trello menu
Maprosoft Trello settings

Getting Started

You can enable the Maprosoft Trello Power-Up as follows:

  • Log into Trello in your browser.
  • Visit
  • Click on your team to add the Power-Up to.
  • Click on the “Create New Power-Up” link.
  • Enter “Maprosoft” as the Power-Up name and “” for the manifest URL.
  • Reload one of the Trello boards in your browser.
  • Open the Trello board menu if it is not already open. To do this. click on the Show Menu link at the top right of your board.
  • Click on the Power-Ups button.
  • Scroll down to find the Maprosoft Power-Up.
  • Click the Enable button next to the Maprosoft Power-Up.
  • Click the icon next to the Maprosoft Power-Up.
  • Enter the name of you Maprosoft team that you would like to link from Trello.
  • Enter the Maprosoft token for Trello. You can find this by logging into admin and selecting the Trello Control Panel. If the Trello Control Panel doesn't display a token, then you can create one by clicking the button.

Why do I need to enter a token into my Trello settings

The Maprosoft Trello Power-Up allows maps to be created which relate to an address. Maprosoft needs to convert any addresses entered into geographic coordinates which it does using a geocoding service. This type of computation is expensive, so we track usage via the token.
Trello card
Trello add map popup

Adding a map to a Trello card

Any Maprosoft map can be added to a Trello card by following these simple steps:

  • Open any Trello card.
  • Click on the Add map button in the Power-Ups section.
  • A popup window will appear containing a menu of maps shared by the linked Maprosoft team. The popup window also contains an area in which an address can be entered. Entering an address will result in a pip appearing at the appropriate location.
  • Clicking the Add map button will result in the map being added to the card.
  • Here's what a card looks like with a map attached to it:
Trello card with map