Website Maps with Dynamic Data

Using Maprosoft, maps can be created containing data that dynamically updates without the need for the user to refresh their browser.

There are two main uses for this feature:

  • Presenting data that changes and is maintained in another system that can not provide spatial feeds.
  • Presenting data that changes so often that users are likely to see changes whilst viewing a map.
  • Presenting feature overlays that reflect their state.
  • Any combination of the above.


It should be noted this capability does not allow the addition, removal or movement of features. These kinds of changes can be achieved using a spatial feed (such as KML or GeoRSS).

Typical Applications

  • Sports field status (open/closed)
  • Car park occupancy (see the example image)
  • Office open/closed status.

How it Works

This is achieved using the <dynamicData> microformat - refer to the Microformats page.

Maprosoft will retrieve the data from the web service identified by the <dynamicData> microformat. This web service can reside on the same or separate team as Maprosoft.

Maprosoft does all the work necessary to ensure the data is retrieved efficiently and cached so as to support many users concurrently.