Why Maprosoft?

Unique Map Management Solution

Maprosoft is the only solution providing map content management.

Other systems exists that provide specific map capabilities, but none of these will allow you to build the variety of maps that Maprosoft does.

Website Maintenance Workflow

Reduced Maintenance

Maprosoft supports many data formats and periodic retrieval of data. This enables your staff to maintain the data in the appropriate system, and prevents the need for double entry into your website.

Mobile Experience

Having a viable mobile website experience is no longer optional. Maprosoft allows all your spatial data to be experienced easily on any mobile device - iPhones, iPads, Android, Firefox OS, etc.

You can also use our API to integrate Maprosoft into your custom mobile application.

Familiarity of Google Maps

It's easy to forget what a revolution it was when Google first introduced their website mapping solution. Since then, Google Maps has become the standard mapping interface that most people familiar with. There are a number of alternate mapping interfaces that many people will find too difficult to use due to their unfamiliar or complicated design.

Content Management System Integration

Maprosoft can easily be integrated with your content management system. See our Map Builder Integration page to see how.

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